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Small price, big package

Every single domain registered by us comes with many valuable components already included in the standard price! We have assembled a huge service bundle that is more than presentable and facilitates the usage of your domains even more.

Name server

If desired, we care for the correct operation of the master and/or slave name server for you. We can offer you various different modes of operation, and all at no extra costs. You can find an explanation of the function of a name server on our DRS pages.

E-mail redirection

Another service included in our package is the redirection of e-mails, i.e. routing e-mails that are addressed to the new domain to a different, user-defined e-mail address. This way, you don't have to operate a mail server. For example, all e-mails addressed to “info@mydomain.biz” could be forwarded to “02345678-0001@t-online.de”. You can find more information on e-mail redirection on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

WWW redirection

If your websites are located in a subdirectory of a foreign web server (at AOL or T-Online, for example) we have a special service for you: If desired, we can redirect WWW-requests to this server. This means that every request to “www.mydomain.biz”, for example, can be sent to “home.t-online.de/xyz/index.html” instead. This way, any existing contents can remain on whatever server they are located, and you can benefit from the advantages of short and memorable web addresses.
If you have questions, you can find more information on WWW redirection here.

Mailbox packages

In addition to included e-mail forwarding, you can add mailbox packages (offering storage space for your e-mails) to your domain (for an extra charge). More information on this topic can be found in the related documentation.

Your own homepage

If you haven't got a homepage yet, we can care for the design in the scope of our activities as Agency and also the storage on servers located in our data center.
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