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Technical documentationof the Domain Registration System

The forms for the e-mail interface of the DRS together with the corresponing help files.
Explanations of the format of the DRS robots' responses.
How to find specific subsets of your domains and select many domains for simultaneous processing.
Everything you should know about renewals of your registered domains.
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General Issues

The DRS can be operated in two different ways:
  • You can use it via web interface. This provides the possibility of managing the applications interactively.
  • On the other hand it is possible to complete e-mail forms and send them to our robot. This method can be used for the registration of new domains, registrar transfers with Knipp as gaining registrar, for the modification of domain data and for the deletion of a domain.
You can use both methods to modify your stock of domains. In order be able to always keep your own database up-to-date, our robot sends responses in either case, if modifications to your data are to be expected. A typical case is the registration of a new domain, but it may also be a deletion or any other type of modification.

E-mail application forms

Professional users can initiate domain processings via e-mail application form. There is a specific form available for each domain type, and for each of these forms we provide detailed instructions on how to fill in the fields.
Please send your completed application forms to drs@knipp.de. Only the domain types that are listed in the table below can be can be processed in a fully automated way send by sending forms to the above mentioned e-mail address.
Domain type
E-mail application form
.de domain
.com and .net domains
.org domains
.biz domains
.info domains
.name domains and .name e-mails
.cn domains
.eu domains
.tw domains
.us domains
.mobi domains
.tel domains

DRS robot responses

Recipients of the responses

For each customer id of Knipp there can be multiple users in the same company. For example, Mr. Smith and Mr. Jones may be responsible for domain administration whereas Mrs. Robinson may do the accounting.
The DRS sends e-mails concerning the following topics to our customers.
  • Technical notifications covering domain registrations (responses of the DRS robot),
  • Accounting and finance
In this table you can see which employee of your company receives which kind of e-mails.
Please inform our support team if you want any changes of your actual profile.

DRS robot

All DRS robot responses are encoded as Content-Type: multipart/mixed in MIME standard. This has the advantage that you can “pick” only those parts that are relevant for your actual task and ignore the other parts.
Based on our usage of the MIME standard you can use a multiplicity of existing libraries for different programming languages and access the different parts of the responses by using a few lines of code. Favored programming languages for this purpose are Perl, PHP and Java. To give only one example, the MIME::Tools of Perl located in the CPAN Library can be cited.
The responses are divided into the following MIME sections. Some sections include subsection. The 3rd section is optional.
Textual description of the DRS robots' response.
This part explains the result of the request in human-readable format. The balancing act between expressing the issue understandingly for the laymen without boring professionals is attempted.
(Please also pay attention to the remarks below.)
Response in ASCII format
This part is adequate for text-based e-mail clients, which use a non-proportional font, as for example PINE, ELM, or MUTT.
It is being attempted to display tables by using spaces and hyphens.
See the example below.
(Please also pay attention to the remarks below.)
Response in HTML format
Usable for e-mail clients, which can handle HTML. Tables are displayed as graphical elements. Important text parts are displayed in semi-bold font, logos and pictures are used as indicators for particularities.
(Please also pay attention to the remarks below.)
Robot response
This part is designed for automated processing, particularly by scripts or other robots.
The responses always consist of key-value pairs, with one pair on every line. A colon separates keys from the values.
In the overview you can see what key-value pairs exist and in which situations they are being used.
See the example below.
If you have sent an e-mail application form to the DRS, it is included in this part. This simplifies the analysis of possible errors, which are listed in the robot part.
Application in ASCII format
Your original application in ASCII format.
Remark: If the sending of HTML e-mails is deactivated in your profile, only the ASCII variant is used in section 1. The deactivation can be accomplished on your request by our support team.


You will find some examples below. If you use the e-mail client PINE, the sections will look like this:
1.1      ~99 lines   Text/PLAIN (charset: UTF-8 "Internet-std Unicode") 
1.2.1   ~284 lines   Text/HTML (charset: UTF-8 "Internet-std Unicode")  
1.2.2    1.2 KB      Image/PNG                                               
1.2.3    544 bytes   Image/PNG                                               
1.2.4    535 bytes   Image/PNG                                               
1.2.5    357 bytes   Image/PNG                                               
2         90 lines   Text/PLAIN (Name: "drs-response.txt")                   
3        5.3 KB      Message/RFC822, "example.com"                           
3.1      165 lines   Text/PLAIN          

Example: ASCII reply

Dear Mr. Smith,

the e-mail you have sent has been analysed
by the automated order processing. Unfortunately, errors have been
found which do not allow further processing. The specific errors
are listed in following table. Please correct the
errors and send the form again. If you still have problems, please
send your e-mail as an attachment of another e-mail to the support
team (preferably with the full header).

Line        Field               Error Description
Line  160   ?                   The line does not match the requested
                                format. It must start with a keyword,
                                followed by a colon and the value.
Section     Field               Error Description
Section 0   doc-id              The specified field is missing. Please 
                                add this field to your form.

            version             The specified field is missing. Please
                                add this field to your form.
Section 1   section             The section is located at a wrong
                                position. The individual sections
                                must appear in ascending order.

            domain              The value of the field does not match
                                the requested format.

Example: reply for robots

### DRS Response

result.code: 20001
result.msg: Command syntax error
result.1.section: 1
result.1.key: section
result.1.code: 20208
result.1.msg: misplaced section (sections must appear in ascending order)
result.1.value: 1
result.1.line.no: 7
result.2.section: 1
result.2.key: domain
result.2.code: 20206
result.2.msg: invalid field content
result.2.value: sanatur.com
result.2.line.no: 9
result.3.section: 2
result.3.key: state
result.3.code: 20205
result.3.msg: invalid or misplaced field
result.3.value: Baden-Wuerttemberg
result.3.line.no: 41
result.4.section: 2
result.4.key: phone
result.4.code: 20206
result.4.msg: invalid field content
result.4.value: +49 7731 87830
result.4.line.no: 43
result.5.section: 2
result.5.key: fax
result.5.code: 20206
result.5.msg: invalid field content
result.5.value: +49 7731 878381
result.5.line.no: 44
result.6.section: 8
result.6.key: accept-registry
result.6.code: 20206
result.6.msg: invalid field content
result.6.value: http://drs.knipp.de/domains/types/gtld/comnet/2003030
result.6.line.no: 159
result.7.section: 8
result.7.code: 20201
result.7.msg: malformed line
result.7.line.no: 160
result.7.line.content: 1a-de.txt
result.8.section: 2
result.8.key: nexus-category
result.8.code: 20204
result.8.msg: field missing
result.9.section: 2
result.9.key: nexus-purpose
result.9.code: 20204
result.9.msg: field missing
result.10.section: 4
result.10.key: type
result.10.code: 20204
result.10.msg: field missing
result.11.section: 6
result.11.key: short-email
result.11.code: 20204
result.11.msg: field missing
result.12.section: 1
result.12.key: short-email
result.12.code: 20204
result.12.msg: field missing
result.13.section: 1
result.13.key: registration
result.13.code: 20204
result.13.msg: field missing
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