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Explanation of the procedures for domains at the end of the registration period
Overview of the prices and extension modes for the different domain types
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Domain renewals

With the method for domain renewals presented here, we have implemented a feature often requested by our customers. This service shall ensure that no domains are being extended or deleted unintentionally. Both of which is unpleasant. Accidental renewals may result in disputes concerning the payment of the arising costs. And uninteded deletions can cause substantial economic damages.
In order to prevent that we have expanded our DRS by a feature to renew domains. This way, you can choose for yourself which registrations shall be scheduled for an extension. And it is as easy and comfortable as you know it from the DRS.
From now on, the domains that can automatically be registered via the DRS are not being renewed by default anymore. Instead, you are regularly being informed about domains which have a registration period that ends in the near future by means of reminder e-mails. With a single click you get an overview of those domains and can select them for a renewal.

Domain renew modes

Which types of domains are being renewed automatically and which of them have to be manually extended by yourself can be seen in the mode-column of the price list.
We will inform you about the upcoming renewal with an e-mail notification in good time before the end of the regsitration period of each domain, irrespecitve of the type of domain. In these e-mails you find further information and links with which you can easily and extend the registration periods of the respective domains.
The table below gives a general overview of the the extension modes for the different domain types. (It is however not as accurate as the information given on the price list.) The following section “Notification mails” explains the content of the e-mails by which we make sure that no domain is being deleted or extended inadvertently.
Overview domain types
M-1 Domains
Which domains?
What to do?
M-2 Domains
Which domains?
What to do?

Notification mails

The e-mails with which we inform you about the ending registration periods of your domains are being sent on the 15th day of each month. The e-mails, which are divided in up to two sections. One section contains the automatically registrable domains (Mode M-1) which have a registration period that ends in the following two month and for which no decision about an extension has been made yet.
The period of time has been selected in such a way that you will receive at least two e-mails that remind you of the necessity to renew the domain before it is actually being deleted after the registration period has expired. This shall give you the possibility to take all necessary steps to find out whether the domains shall be renewed or not.
Next to the list of domains the notification e-mails also contain a link to the DRS with which you can easily and directly extend the registration period of the listed domains.
The second section lists all non-automatically registrable domains (Mode M-2), e.g. certain country code TLDs. These domains will automatically be renewed by default if you do not cancel them. This is what we want to remind you of with the notification service, in good time before the end of the cancellation periods. All M-2 domains are listed which have a registration period that ends in the third month following the date of the notification e-mail.
The sections described here will only be included in the notification e-mails if there actually are domains that have to be renewed in the given period of time, and for which no decision about the extension has been made.
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