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Converting made easy

When registering a domain at Knipp, you always enter the original name including all umlauts and other special characters. That is “grün.info”, for example, or the japanese character string “ジェーピーニック.com”. That means you don't have to worry about the transmutation into Punycode. (You can see how easy it is to register a domain with Knipp's Domain Registration System in our 30 second flash-demo).
In case that you are interested in what the browser makes of the original name anyway, you can use the form on this page. Our Punycode conversion tool has been complimented on in the specialized press, e.g. in the german computer magazine c't (c't 25/03, page 61).

The Punycode conversion tool

You can use domain names as input and convert them into the appropriate Punycode output, or you can choose the reverse direction from the RFC 3492-accordant coding back to the original characters. Just enter the known character string in the dedicated field. The unknown character string will be determined after clicking the respective conversion button.
Original name Punycode



By the way: You can copy the Punycode character string that has been computed from a domain name to the address line of your browser. This way, you can view the respective page even with browsers that otherwise do not support Internationalized Domain Names.
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