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The joker for domain resellersand key accounts

Knipp offers the registration and the administration of internet-domain names. For resellers and key accounts we have created the Premium-Partner-Program (short P3).
P3 was solely designed for professional service companies and key accounts. It is only available to selected partners in order to guarantee for a higher level of quality.
The advantages for the partner:
  • The partner receives an attractive discount.
  • The partner receives a clearly structured monthly bill in which all the applied domains are listed collectively. The partner does not have to pay each domain separately.
  • The partner receives the clearing of a domain directly after the successful processing. The payment is made retroactively by means of the monthly bill.
The advantages for Knipp:
  • The amount of work neccessary to process a domain is reduced because the partner accomplishes some of the domain delegation tasks.
  • In case of resellers, the end customer care and -consulting is accomplished by the partner.
We would be pleased to send you the contract documents for our Premium-Partner-Program. Please fill in the application form. No obligations arise on your behalf. We have summarized the answers to further questions on an extra page for you.
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