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Our support team is more than willing to take their headsets and support you with any issue you might have.

At Knipp, support is spelled “222”

The direct dial 222 is the collective phone number of our friendly support team. For our customers, the use of the hotline is free of charge. The hotline is there for you on working days from 9am until 6pm. The time zone of Germany is CET (UTC+1) respectively CEST (UTC+2, from April to October).
If you want to fax us any documents, because some certificates or blanks are necessary for the registration of a domain, for example, then you can use our central fax system. The faxes will then be transmitted to the employee in charge by our office.

Of course, we are reachable via e-mail.

The e-mails will automatically be transmitted to your support employee. Thus, you will have a contact person who already knows your personal concerns. That spares you the time you would otherwise have to spend on explaining your problems.
Our automatic Domain Registration System has an e-mail address of its own.
Please, send your domain requests always to this address, and not to the support.
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