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Domain query

Notice: After sending a query, you will be forwarded
to the »Global Whois« site.

General information on .pl domains

The information in the table below has been arranged with highest care. But there can be no warranty that it is up-to-date and appropriate. Registration regulations and their interpretation can be modified by the registry concerned without prior announcement.
Top Level Domain Name
Domain names can be registered by Knipp below
Special characters within domain names
Usually domain names consist of the letters »a« to »z«, the digits »0« to »9«, as well as the hyphen. All other characters are being considered as special characters.
The special characters which are admitted for .pl domains are shown in the tables: Latin Supplement, Latin Extended A, greek characters, hebrew characters, and arabic characters. If the domain name includes special characters, the domain has to be specified as Punycode within the e-mail application form. Please pay attention to the notices in the e-mail application form's fill-in instructions at chapter »Domain name(s)«.
Admitted domain holder
Admitted number of domains per domain holder
Admitted domain names
Generally all domains which are not forbidden by the basic restrictions . But the designated domain holder has to justify why he assumes being permitted to use the designated domain; usually this justification is accepted, if it is a short specification, which shows how the applied domain name is linked to either the designated domain holder or one's services or one's manufactured products.

Order information and application form for .pl domains

Application form
Please complete the domain application form Poland and send it via e-mail to ccTLD@knipp.de. The fill-in instructions provide helpful information about the data required to complete the application.
Additional form
Registration of new domains require an additional form, which has to be duly signed by either the domain holder or the domain administrator. We will send this form to the requestor of the domain as a .pdf file, after receiving the application via e-mail.
Contact / Legal Information
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