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Take-off for special charactersin .de domains

On March 1st, 2004, the registration of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) has become possible for .de domains.
As of that day, DENIC, the registry which is responsible for .de domains, has expanded the set of characters allowed in .de domain names by 92 important characters including the umlauts “ä”, “ö”, and “ü”, which are particularly important in German-speaking areas. Therefore, it is now possible to register domain names like “müller-beer.de”, “äpfel.de” or “café.de”.


On November 16th, 2010, DENIC has added the letter “ß” (“Latin Small Letter Sharp S”) to the set of allowed characters.
IDN registrations are based on the Punycode standard that was officially accepted a little while before the introduction of internationalized domain names. This standard makes it possible for compatible internet browsers to identify domain names even without installing any additional plug-ins.

Hurry up!

The registration of Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) follows the well proven scheme “first come, first served”.
Registering early helps to avoid problems with popular domain names.
That means that you should register domain names as soon as possible, especially if they are particularly popular. This way, you can make sure that no one else snaps up your favorite domain names.
You can use our Domain Registration System to register domains online. Once you have chosen a name, it only takes a few seconds to register the domain. All you have to do is to login to the system with your user name and password. If you do not have an account by now, you can register in a really fast and comfortable way.

Low-priced and highly equipped

With Knipp, the prices for domain names with special characters are not higher than those for the registration of conventional domain names. And what is more, every registration comes with a huge bundle of additional services.

Hints for the registration

Unfortunately, dubious domain resellers are often the first in the row to register popular terms and even labels in order to sell them afterwards at a profit.
Why take a risk?
With Knipp, you have a reliable partner
for domain registrations and more.
Quite often, it comes to troublesome and expensive legal disputes. Therefore it is advisable to observe following rules:
  • Register your domain names early.
  • Do never try to register domain names via the website of unknown or dubious domain registrars. There have been cases in which the only intention was to collect domain names in order to register them on behalf of a domain reseller, who then offered to sell the domains at a high price.
  • Do register not only one, but various different notations of your domain names. For example, if the domain name consists of multiple parts, it is a good idea to register versions with and without hyphens.
    This results in higher costs for the registration, of course, but it helps to avoid the risk of much more expensive legal disputes.

Technical details

E-mail application forms

Apart from our web interface, you also have the possibility to use an e-mail template to register domains. Just enter the domain name with the special characters in section 1 of the template, as shown in the following example:
           section: 1
              mode: new
            domain: müller-beer.de
          language: de
To get more information on how to use the e-mail application forms, please refer to the template help pages.
Registrations via
e-mail application form:
fast and efficient

Language codes

For some top level domains with local language characters you have to identify the language as an additional specification. Actually, .de domains do not belong to this group by now. In order to be ready for future developments, however, our DRS does already offer the possibility to enter language codes. Although the values do not have any effect by now, it is a good idea to set the language parameter to “de”. You can find more detailed information in this comment on the technical background of Internationalized Domain Names.

Additional information on IDN

Internationalized Domain Names will become more and more important in the future. That is why we have placed so much emphasis on this topic on our website. You can get information on the technical background, we have put together a set of questions and answers, and there is a nice conversion tool with which you can view the internal representation of the internationalized versions.
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