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Composition of domain names andexception rules for .de domains

The names of .de domains have to meet the following conditions.
  • Domain names may only consist of the letters from “a” to “z”, the digits “0” to “9”, and the hyphen. In addition to this, the use of 92 additional characters, including the German umlaut characters “ä”, “ö” and “ü”, is also permitted since March 1st, 2004, as well as “ß” (since November 2010). (For more information on this topic, please refer to the IDN page.)
  • The maximum length of a domain is 63 characters (referred to the ACE-encoded form in case of internationalized domains). You can use our handy conversion tool to find out the punycode notation of a domain name with special characters.
  • Domain names may neither start nor end with a hyphen.
  • Domain names may not include a hyphen as the third or fourth character. For example the registration of “xn--xeno.de” is not possible.
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