Prices for the new .de domains

Due to the high attractiveness of the new domain names the prices are substantially higher than the usual registration fees. However, experience has shown that prices like that – and even much higher ones – are being paid for highly desirable domain names. (And the short .de domains undoubtedly belong into this exclusive class of domains.)
We do not intend to value that fact. However, we are of the opinion that not only a few people should get earnings of such a transaction.
Good money...
...for a good cause.
For that reason Knipp will donate all of its revenues from the registration of these new domains to the Kindernothilfe.
Price (EUR)
One digit,,
One letter,, ö.de (xn--nda)
Two characters, nö.de,
The prices do not include the VAT.

Further information

  • Only successful registrations will be billed.
  • It is not important for the success when your request is being entered into our system, as long as it arrives before the closing on Thursday, October 22nd, 24:00 (CEST).
  • Each registrant may only submit a single request for each domain name.
Please note that before registering a domain name you have to make sure that the registration does not impinge upon the rights of third parties.
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