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Special Types

Besides the often used and well-known top level domains there are other domain types, which are reserved for rather small, specific minorities and can only be registered by them. The usage, however, is available to everyone, e.g. by accessing a website.
These particular domains cannot be registered by registrars and therefore cannot be registered by Knipp. But we can assist you with the registration if necessary. However, precondition is that you are authorized to register these domains.

Overview of special domain types

Below you can find an overview of the five special domains.
further information
Required for the conversion of IP addresses to names. It is being operated by 4 regional organizations worldwide, with the RIPE in Amsterdam covering Europe. Knipp is a member of RIPE.
For educational institutions located in the USA, like universities, schools, adult education centers, etc. Currently it is being examined if the circle of the accredited registrars should become expanded worldwide.
For governmental authorities located in the USA. Definitely the best known address using a .gov domain is the address of the White House.
International organizations, mostly closely related to the UN. For example the “World Health Organization” (WHO) and the “United Nations”.
For military authorities located in the US.
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