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Important information on .cn domains


Unfortunately, registering .cn domains has become very difficult due to limitations imposed by the registry. Experienced users can manage it with the help of our DRS, however, either via the web interface or with the e-mail template. You are also welcome to contact Knipp Support (support@knipp.de) for ordering a .cn domain of if you have any questions.
Please note the frequently asked questions and their answers.

Naming regulations

Not every domain name can be registered. Read more information on the exact regulations.


Queries concerning the domain holder and other domain contacts can be made by using our whois service.

Questions and answers

We have gathered a list of frequently asked questions and answers on a clearly arranged page.

Service bundle

Beyond the actual registration of domains we also provide a large bundle of additional services. For our customers, these services are available without any additional costs.


You can view the costs for domain registrations in our price list. We will send you invoices via postal mail after every successful registration. Additionally, you can browse your bills online.

Rules of allocation

The Chinese registry has restricted the registration considerably in late 2009. Since then, the registration of .cn domains is not possible any more for companies without a permanent residence in China.
Registration is currently only possible within China and subject to severe restrictions. Only a subsidiary in China can apply for a domain registration, and only for the subsidiary itself.
There are two possible variants for the registration of .cn domains: registering in the second level or in the third level. The registration in the second level yields domain names like “your-firm.cn” or “xion-hong-tong.cn”, for instance.
Registration in the third level is available within one of these 3 subdomains:
com stands for “commercial” use.
net stands for “network service provider”. This includes technical networks as well as networks in the broader sense, like cooperative societies and other consortiums.
org stands for “organizations”, mostly charitable ones, and Public Utilities.
An examination if the classification is correct does not take place.
A website could then be accessed via http://www.my-firm.com.cn, for example.
A .cn domain must not be used to provide pornographic content, to offend to the chinese government, or to cause civil commotion or disturbance of public life.
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