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The .eu registrar Code of Conduct

EURid, the registry for .eu, has drawn up a Code of Conduct for its accredited registrars The Code is to be administered by a board of representatives called “Council of Conduct”, which is being elected from within the .eu registrar community.

Goals of the Code of Conduct

While all accredited registrars must meet the conditions laid out in the .eu registrar agreement, those registrars who elect to subscribe to the Code of Conduct will offer a superior level of service.
The values stated of the Code of Conduct have always been represented by Knipp as a matter of course.
The objective in setting up this code is to award .eu registrars offering outstanding services with a quality label and to help consumers to make an informed choice for their registrations.
You can identify subscribing registrars by the round .eu Code of Conduct logo that you can see on the left border of this page.

The role of Knipp

Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH was one of the first subscribers to the Code of Conduct. For Knipp, the rules settled in the charter are the natural basis for the trustful relationship to its customers.
Together with a number of other experienced and merited members of the international domain world, Elmar Knipp, one of the Chief Executive Officers of Knipp, was elected to be in the committee that finalized and officially set into force the Code's charter. Elmar Knipp is also a member of the extended Council of Conduct that was elected during the first Code of Conduct meeting in Lisbon on March 29th, 2007.
Elmar Knipp

The supervisory body

The function of the Council of Conduct is to ensure that the rules of the Code are being obeyed. The Council is responsible for approving candidates that want to newly subscribe to the Code of Conduct, and for ruling on complaints filed against subscribing registrars according to the prescribed rules and procedures.
To view the charter, the list of subscribers and the list of members of the definite Council of Conduct, please visit the official .eu Code of Conduct website, www.coc.eu.
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