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Domains for the information age

Accessing information fast and directly is the new century's feature. We call it the Information Society.
And the .info domain is a precious part of it. Publishing companies, radio and tv stations, or just everyone who plans to publish information can use this generic top level domain.

The success story...

Since its introduction in the year 2001, about 3.6 million .info domains (as of April 2024) have already been registered: a real success story. But one should not be astonished about that, since .info domains are intuitive, memorable and universally understandable. Thus, .info domains offer great possibilities to present information to a global auditorium.
In addition to this, .info domains are - unlike other top level domains - not restricted to certain user groups. That means, you can use .info domains to offer information about companies, persons, ideas, projects, or just any other topic.

Finally get your favorite domain name

You couldn't register your favorite domain name as .de or .com domain because it was already taken? As opposed to these top level domains which are hopelessly overcrowded with more than 17.6 million resp. ca. 159 million registered domains (as of April 2024), there are many attractive .info domain names still available. If you don't hesitate too long, chances are good that you can register your favorite domain name. With our award-winning Domain Registration System, it is possible to register domains in just a few seconds. By the way, you can get information about already registered domains with our Whois query service.

One domain for the whole world

.info domains have the great advantage that they can be used globally, since in many countries the string “info” is being associated with information. The following table gives a small impression of this issue.
ccTLDs (e.g.)
Everyone needs information.
.co.uk, .us
Chacun a besoin d'information.
.fr, .ch
Jeder braucht Informationen.
.de, .at, .ch
Tutto ha bisogno delle informazioni.
.it, .ch
Kazdy patrzebuje informacje.
Todos necessita a informação.
Cada uno necesita la información.
This makes the .info top level domain especially valuable because you don't have to register an extra domain name for each country, but you can present yourself with the same domain in many countries at once. This saves you a lot of work and money. And that does not only apply to the registration of the domains, but also beyond it. Just think of the potential savings when performing a cross national marketing campaign.
So, if you want to address a global audience or plan to achieve an international orientation of your business, a .info domain is a good way to position yourself.

...be part of it!

With Knipp, you have a strong partner by your side. Take advantage of our award-winning Domain Registration System, with which you can register your new .info domains online this very day.
Even if you should not be a customer of Knipp by now, you can get an account for our system and become a customer in a really fast and comfortable way.
Already since 03/16/2004, .info domains can be registered with internationalized domain names (IDN). This means that .info domain names may contain umlaut characters, like in “börse.info”, for example.
We have created a special IDN page with detailed information on the topic .info domains with umlauts for you.
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