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Nowadays the right domain name
is more important than a business card

Domain names are one of the most important elements of the internet. Calling up a web site or writing an e-mail is daily routine for almost everybody. Knipp is one of the greatest domain registrars in Germany and a reliable and experienced partner for professional domain management.
Domain types can be categorized on the basis of the top level domain (TLD). We distinguish the classes listed below.
The German top level domain. It is primarily intended for German people, companies, and organizations.
These domains can be registered by everyone worldwide. Among them are the »classics« .com, .net, and .org, which have been in use for more than 25 years.
Somewhat younger are the generic top level domains .info, .biz and .name. They offer many Internet users the possibility to register »their« name, even if it is already taken for other generic top level domains.
In addition, in further phases more than 2,000, so-called new generic top level domains were introduced.
This category consists of more than 240 endings which are assigned to countries and areas. For example, »de« stands for Germany, »fr« for France, and »ag« for Antigua and Barbuda.
This list has even grown in the recent past, when some country code top level domains that used to be restricted have become available for public registration. Among them are »us« for the United States of America, »cn« for China, and »tw« for Taiwan.
Europe's domain. It is seen as the European counterpart of the .com TLD. This moves the business location Europe into the focus of attention while catching up a competitive advantage of the American companies at the same time.
Sponsored domains are designated for particular user groups. At the moment, these are the aeronautical industry (.aero), museums (.museum), the adult entertainment industy (.xxx), and operators of websites for mobile devices (.mobi). Fruther representatives of this type are .asia and .tel, two very interesting and promising TLDs.
Among these are the top level domains »int« (international, mostly UNO-related organizations), »edu« (universities in the USA), »gov« (governmental authorities in the USA), as well as »mil« (American military). These domains cannot be registered.
ENUM is an abbreviation for »tElephone NUmber Mapping«. It bridges internet domain names and the system of phone numbers.
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