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Eligible registrants for .aero domains


In order to register an .aero domain, you need a so-called “Membership-ID” and the matching password. If you should not have one by now, you can apply for it here.
You are automaically eligible for the registration of .aero domains if you belong to one of the following groups:
  • Aerial works
  • Aerospace
  • Air freight + logistics companies
  • Air navigation services providers
  • Air safety, medical and certification
  • Air sports
  • Airlines and commercial operators
  • Airports
  • Aviation distribution systems
  • Aviation education and research
  • Aviation industry associations
  • Aviation media
  • Aviation professionals
  • Aviation suppliers & service providers
  • Business aircraft operators
  • Civil aviation authorities
  • Government organizations linked to aviation
  • Pilots
  • Recreational aviation

Domain names

Different types of .aero domains are available. Also different rules exist for each of the groups above. Typically, the domain names look like this:
  • yourcompany.aero
  • yourproduct.aero
  • 3-letter-IATA-location-identifier.aero
  • 3-letter-IATA-location-identifier.airport.aero
  • american-airlines.aero
  • britishairways.aero
  • nyc.aero
  • jack.pilot.aero
The official naming regulations for each user group can be obtained at the operator of the registry, SITA. From time to time these regulations are adjusted according to the users' needs and are therefore consistantly changed.

Registration of .aero domains

The registration is very easy. It will not be processed automatically, but you can complete the E-mail application form and send it to support@knipp.de. We will contact you and report about the registration process.
Each registration is valid for 2 years. The registration can be renewed for another 2 years after this time. The costs are provided in our price list.
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