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From Asia, for Asia, and more...

.asia is the top level domain (TLD) for the Asian region. Thus, the comparison with the Europen domain ending .eu that started two years earlier immediately comes into mind. In fact, at a first glance, both offers have a lot in common. When having a closer look, however, they differ in many details. One thing that is true for the both of them is the great success that can be excpected. .asia definitely has the potential to soon become one of the major TLDs, as it has already become reality for .eu by now. And .asia may even surpass the registration numbers of .eu.
Dinner is served...
...the .asia domain is available!
In contrast to .eu, which is a real country code top level domain (ccTLD), .asia is a sponsored top level domain (sTLD). The usage of sponsored domains is normally restricted to a specific user group. For .asia, however, the given limitations are everything but rigorous.
So, even if the slogan of this TLD is “from Asia, for Asia”, the restrictions are intentionally kept very loose; no interested party shall unnecessarily be excluded from registering. In order to register a .eu domain, for example, the holder of the domain has to be located in Europe. For .asia it is sufficient if the any of the contacts that is related to the domain comes from the “Asia Pacific Region”. This makes it possible to use Trustee-contacts, as they are offered by Knipp, to make .asia domains registrable without any practical limitation.
More than 60% of the world's population lives in the “Asia Pacific Region”.

Enormous potential

That boosts .asia's already big potential even further: The “Asia Pacific Region” as settled by the Internet administration ICANN comprises 73 countries (EU: 27 countries) and is home to 4 billion people, which is more than 60 precent of the world's population (EU: 500 million). In addition to that, there are more than 400 million people online in Aisa, compared with 315 million in Eurpoe and 253 million in North America (source: InternetWorldStats.com).
Its substantial economic growth is unquestioned and makes Asia an important economic factor even for local companies. .asia domains are an important key to develop that market and to strengthen the local presence, since with a single domain you can reach the whole region. And with Knipp, you are in the game right from the start.
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