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Overview and information worth knowing about the .mobi domain.
Easily done via web interface or e-mail application form
Informationen on .mobi domain names that require special registration procedures.
Frequently asked questions and answers about .mobi domains
Typical web pages for mobile devices.
What has to be taken into account when creating .mobi websites
Inquire helpful information on registered .mobi domains.
Registrations, renewals, changes. All the prices at a glance.
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The future is mobile

The screen problem

Since the widely spread usage of the Internet there is a nearly uncountable number of interesting websites. The quality of the graphical presentation has become better and better. Most of the pages are designed for a resolution of at least 1024x768 Pixels on the viewer's side. Users with older computers and lower resolutions often have to scroll across the pages and can never see a whole page at once.
The situation is even worse for those who use their mobile phone or PDA to access the website, because these screens are much smaller. Thanks to UMTS and GPRS, the retrieval of the data is no problem today. The loading times, however, are often much too slow. The reason is the usage of high-resolution graphics, for example, that are designed for the presentation on business computers but not for the small displays and lower bandwidths of mobile devices.

The solution: .mobi

The new top level domain .mobi is intended for websites that exclusively target visitors using mobile devices with low resolutions.
In the future, companies will design their websites not only for “normal” screens but also for “small” displays. Which version of the website is being presented depends on the user. If he enters “www.lufthansa.de”, for example, the bigger variant is shown. For “www.lufthansa.mobi”, the user will get the mobile version.
To show you some examples of how these websites look like, we have compiled a list of existing pages.

The rules

Every operator of a website can register one or more .mobi domains. There are no limitations for domain holders. Thus, not only companies may receive .mobi domains, but everybody. However, there are some rules that have to be observed for the design.
Our .mobi Style Guide page provides a little insight into the rather complex regulations.

Always in front with Knipp

On the one hand, we offer our customers the registration of .mobi domains. Take advantage of the long experience Knipp has in the introduction of new top level domains. Even for the registration of Premium Names, you will get comprehensive guidance by Knipp.
In addition to that, Knipp offers Website Software Development as well, we also offer the creation of .mobi websites. We are one of the first agencies in Germany that are already familiar with the rules for .mobi and that is able to realize your wishes.
Even with small sites you can make big money.

Get in touch with us and inform yourself

Knipp is the ideal partner for creating the websites for your .mobi domains. As a registrar, we know what rules to follow. And as an Internet agency, we know how to realize interesting and functional websites with these requirements.
Knipp Consulting
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