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The domain for the adult entertainment industry
Stay in touch - the domain for contact information
The domain for the asian-pacific region
For mobile devices
The domain for the aviation industry
Domains for museums of all kinds: well-known and unknown museums, big ones and small ones... and virtual museums as well!
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Sponsors wanted

Sponsors does not only exist in sports

Sponsors for domains

The principle of sponsoring does not only exist in sports. It it used with domain types as well. Only a small user circle gets the possibility to register domain names under certain top level domains. The sponsor ensures that the registry fulfills its duties in the terms of the user circle and the internet community at once.


As opposed to sponsoring in sports, domain sponsors are not allowed to make profits by operating the registry. Usually, the sponsor has a strong relationship to the branch or the area of the respective domain. This ensures that the sponsor knows about the needs and conditions of the target group. It is possible for the registry to outsource the technical or administrative parts.

Seven types

At the moment, there are seven types of sponsored top level domains. Domain registration are partly restricted to limited user groups, but in any case the the domains can be accessed by every internet user. If, for example, an aviation cooperation uses a .aero domain for their website, this site can be viewed from all over the world.
Even if the .asia TLD seems to be the Asian pendant of .eu in many aspects there is at least a very basic difference in the domain type. While .eu is a real country code TLD (and thus consists of two letters), .asia belongs to the group of sponsored TLDs.

Experienced IT solution provider

Knipp has been an experienced player in the domain business for years now and is known for its high expertise in providing professional IT solutions. Some registries have even been developed by Knipp and are being operated in our data center.
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